Assisteer is virtual assistance service site that caters your need on online services such as Data-Entry, Website Update or Management, Social Network Set-up and management. We also help you develop/build WordPress site and offer graphics design. Moreover, you can also choose and compare price/services for any hosting services that fit for your niche it is either for personal use, business owner, or for website pro. You can also check our blog for some topics related to what stated above.


VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.Focus on your niche and what you’re great at – let us take care of the rest! Use your time wisely- it’s precious!…?read more!



WORDPRESS/WEBSITE UPDATE/MANAGE.If your workload is getting too much. Take a visit on our page and let us see how can we help your website pages…?read here!


SOCIAL NETWORK SET-UP/MANAGE.So much time on managing your social media pages?… Looking for someone who can set-up or updates your social network pages?…read here!


DATA-ENTRY.We also offer entering information on either products, customer records, all of which that may require…read more!