At assisteer.com we aim to help webmasters, start-ups, find the best hosting for there website at one place. Provide list of web hosting information, deals, promos and coupons. Find and compare hosting without visiting different websites.

Disclosure: assisteer.com functions and runs by earning commissions. We help you find the best hosting for you at one place as you help us by using the product link we had. Learn more here>>>

Know more about assisteer.com

In 2018, assisteer.com was launched through blogger aiming to help webmasters and start-ups to find the best web hosting for there existing or currently building-up website/s. And on 2019, we have migrated from blogger to an independent website. By 2020, as the website relaunched, it keeps with the same goals, with more diverse and wide varieties of hosting to check from.

What we do?

There are varieties of ways that we help webmasters, website owners, or wanna-be website ownerse. We provide a list of hosting and there services offered. Deals. Promos. Coupons.

Moreover, we provide numbers of articles to help them on there websites. We have the blog page for that.

assisteer.com  functions through commissions. We help you find and choose the best hosting and services for you as you help earn by using the link on the hosting we have provided. You can read the full  disclosure in here.

Thus, we take privacy seriously. We hate spamming. We that we promise not to misused any data you shared with us. Get the full context here.



We’re constantly working on the site, so if you find anything wrong or have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to message us!

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