The 5 Pages Every Website Needs

Having a website/s these days are essential in building up potential clients or customers in your businesses. It is where they can check your product selling, services offer or simply view your portfolio with less hassle.

And when you build a website, there are must-have pages a website can be. Aside from making your site attractive to sell or get customers, your site must also represent or tells who you are, how you can help visitors, what you offer, and how people can contact you.

5 Must-Have Pages in Every Website

Listed below are the Five(5) must-have pages in your website:

5 Must-Have Pages in Every Website

Home Page – A website cannot be called a website without the homepage. It is what we called the summary of the entirety of your website. It can also be called as the landing page, where all the customers and potential client sees first.

When crafting your homepage, you must think from the customer’s perspective. Navigation bars, controls and visitors should clearly understand the objective of your homepage in just a few seconds.

Avoid cluttering your homepage with multiple, irrelevant images. You also don’t want outrageous color patterns. Represent your small business well by aiming for simplicity in your design.

If you’re creating a new site or rebuilding an old one, get feedback from your potential visitors. Running a small soft launch will give you incredible insight to enhance your homepage and can reduce bounce rate.

Products or Services Page The products and services page is the crux of most websites. It should convert a casual visitor into a frequent shopper. Rightfully so, you want to spend a considerable amount of time improving this page for the customer experience.

If you sell services, write the same elaborate descriptions. Give your customers context into how you deliver your services

Blog Page – The blog represents a major platform for your brand to talk directly with customers. You can feature product updates, the latest trends, and article-related to what you are selling or offering.

Successful blogs is a long process, it take time, hard work and patience

check this blog on how to drive good traffic to your website.

In your blog, stay away from using your every post to sell products. Customers will quickly get annoyed and visit your competitor’s site. Instead, offer your visitors solutions and inspire them to live better.

About Page – The About page is an opportunity to elaborate on your brand’s vision and accomplishments. Be bold in your statements and discuss how your goals will help customers.

Storytelling is pivotal for this page. You want readers to relate to your brand values, join your journey, and share the message with their family members and friends.

Consider adapting your About page to fit your audience’s needs. You may want to write it in multiple languages or make it easy to read with a timeline graph.

Contact Page – Communication helps build solid relationships with your customers. You get to learn about their needs and desires as it relates to your products/services. Plus, it opens the door to receiving critical feedback.

Think of your contact page as a customer support tool. The priority is to deliver a superb service, no matter the visitor’s reason. You want customers to get accurate information as well.

Depending on your type of business, you may post the brand’s physical address, email address, or phone number. If you have a live chat option, please express the availability of the support agents on the page.

Your contact page should be easily accessible. You don’t want customers clicking through five different pages to connect with your business.

The contact page is the perfect spot to set customer expectations. Let your visitors know your response time and commit to that promise.

Educate your visitors with key information about your business. Your website is an effective tool to boost brand awareness and earn more sales.

Upgrade your site with all the pertinent pages.

Customization? Modify? Revamp? Let’s chat!

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