How to Choose a Best Web Hosting for your Website

Published Date: July 22, 2020
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Have you ever been changing from web hosting to another web hosting? Confuse on how to choose the right web hosting for you and for your business?

We’re in the same boat, upon running my website. I have been changing from hosting to another hosting. One is too expensive for my pocket. One even wants to charge me for just support because I am only availing of their basic plan. But luckily, I find this hosting that fits for my pocket as a start-up and giving unwavering support no matter what my plan is.

But this is not what this article is about. Though I will share it with you at the near end of this article.

Based on my experience, I decided to write this article to help you guys on how to choose the best web hosting for your website. To choose what is the right hosting for your business.

First, I will briefly explain what Web Hosting?

Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

A Web Hosting is your doorway onto the web and good hosting service is worth its weight in digital gold. There’s Bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround, and Namecheap… Actually you can find a lot in here COMPARE WEB HOSTING

Though as you have searched for a hosting company have in mind what website you want, what website you already have. Is it a big site or a small one? The purpose you want your website to serve and the functionality you need to have.

If you already have a web hosting and are looking for another one because you are not contented on your current hosting, have in mind the issue you have been encountered upon.

A good web hosting provider does not only help you to keep your site up and functioning optimally from day to day, week to week, or month to month. This is what they called hosting provider servers uptime by the way.

A good web hosting should also have great customer support whom you can contact 24/7 when you are having trouble on your website. And a secured server that keeps away hackers and DOS attackers from taking your site down.

Sometimes, mostly if you are a start-up you may be tempted to just go with the cheapest provider. Opted on what you saw on some ads online. Mind you! Not all cheap hosting providers great hosting offer. Do not let your decision affect that zero point something hosting.

So, I urge you to take a few minutes to do some research first. List your needs, do your research, and make an educated decision. Here are a few criteria I have listed down to keep in mind as you choose:

And I really hope as you go over to this blog you can now decide on how to choose the best web hosting.

Go with a reputable company.

Check reviews on-site and feedback online. As blogging is IN nowadays, you can find many review articles, do research.

Do not go directly on their website reviews, because they might filter the reviews that are low ratings and might affect their services.

If you find multiple reviewers and feedback complaining about the same problem, pay attention to it.

Luckily you would not be jumping from review sites to another as Assisteer collects all the information you need

Go with a price you can afford.

You can afford it does not mean the cheapest. Your hosting plan is an ongoing monthly or annual subscription.

Avoid getting to a plan that will exceed your budget. If you are new, you may need to start small and scale-up. And if your business is stable enough still opt for a hosting you can afford.

Remember hosting is not the only one you are paying for. There’s a domain, SSL… But make sure your hosting company can accommodate your website needs.

Go with a company that has actual humans working on.

As I have said previously, go with a hosting that has great customer support. Who would want that if you are having trouble on your site or worst your site is down when you contact their support, answers are canned responses or premade responses or a bot saying you have to wait for several time or day. Remember when your site is down this will impact your site quality and visibility big time it makes a big loss or lowers visitors. 

So, if you have a problem with your site you want to make sure there is another human being available to walk you through the troubleshooting process. This is especially important when your site is an Advertising, Affiliate, or Leads type of site as visitors are equal to money. 

Get the feature or services you want and need.

This is one of the criteria in looking for a hosting provider you really need to look into. As I’ve said in the earlier part, I leave my second hosting provider because even a small thing you want, they are asking for a payment. This is also a downside of only opting to buy hosting because it is the cheapest. Every action needs a payment that will pile up! Instead, you choose it because it is cheap; it will only overtax your budget because of the add-on fee.

So, check first if you need a hosting plan that allows you to have multiple websites or will have you to pay for each website separately? A hosting plan that lets you have multiple websites is called a Shared Hosting Plan better take that note.

What about storage? Based on the type of website or content you want to create, or you already have. Does the hosting company or hosting plan they offer provide sufficient storage? What about freebies? Honestly, whether new or not, we all like freebies or free service add-ons like private email address, SSL, domain protection, free advertising credits, or free site transfer or migration if you already have a web hosting.

SIDE NOTE: List and get what you need the first time around. It will then be easy to look for a new hosting plan.

Below, I have listed down a Top 10 hosting plans based on users’ positive reviews and affordable on our pocket.





Bluehost Hosting
  • Domain Privacy + Protection

  • Unlimited Domains

  • 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox


Normally $7.99

Choice Plus

Normally $14.99

SiteGround Hosting
  • On-demand Backup Copies

  • Speed-boosting Caching

  • Staging


Normally $14.99


Normally $24.99

HostGator Hosting
  • Unlimited Free Email Address

  • $100 Google Adwords

  • $100 Bing Ads Credit

Hatchling Plan

Normally $6.88

Baby Plan

Normally $9.88

Namecheap Hosting
  • Free Supersonic CDN

  • Free website builder

  • Free automatic SSL installation


Normally $2.88

Stellar Plus

Normally $4.88

Hostinger Hosting
  • LiteSpeed Cache

  • Cloudflare Protected Nameservers

  • Unlimited MySQL Databases


Normally $9.99


Normally $10.99

DreamHost Hosting
  • Free Automated WP Migrations

  • Unlimited Traffic

  • Unlimited Email @ Your Domain


Normally $7.00


Normally $12.07

A2 Hosting
  • Unlimited SSD Space & Transfer

  • Free Cloudflare CDN

  • Choice of Data Center Location


Normally $8.99

Turbo Boost

Normally $19.99

InMotion Hosting

Check Hosting

  • Marketing Tools

  • Free Domain

  • Google Apps Integration


Normally $7.49


Normally $9.99

WP Engine Hosting
  • Genesis Framework

  • Evercache

  • Global CDN


Normally $30


Normally $115

Liquid Web Hosting
  • NO Pageview/Traffic Limits

  • Automatic Daily Backups

  • Full Server Access





Now it is up to you whether you choose to buy your hosting from the same provider you buy your domain from, or you will buy your domain separately and point it to your hosting plan.

I hope this blog will help you on how to choose the best web hosting for you.

If you have questions or queries you may leave a comment below or directly contact us!

And if you find this blog helpful, let us help everyone and share this.


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